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Organic Farm

“Sustainability, self-care and locally grown food are the guiding princi- ples of the Smogavc Farm vision.”

The Smogavc Farm is located on the edge of Gorenje village near Zreče, at the village’s highest geographical point. In recent years,
the farm has moved increasingly to follow sustainability trends and self-sufficiency. Since 2013, a biomass boiler near the farm has provided heating to both the domestic farm and several surrounding residential and commercial buildings.

The farm also converts solar energy into electricity through photo- voltaic cells, which are mounted on the roof of the building where
the boiler room is located and on two auxiliary buildings uniquely erected for this purpose. In 2018, a 450 square-meter, heated green- house was added to our farms arsenal of resoures, where we now grow vegetables, herbs and spices for our own consumption and sale in our guesthouse.

In 2018, we also began to create products under the Smogavc Farm- brand, including our first bottles of homegrown apple and grape juice and more products on the way.

The vision of our farm, in addition to sustainable and self-sufficient operation, is the restoration and maintenance of old fruit tree planta- tions in the surrounding area. You’ll find more than 10 different varie- ties of apples and pears here, as well as other different types of plums, peaches, cherries, sour cherries, currants, raspberries and gooseberries on our property.

We want to share this combination of environmental knowledge and opportunity as an example of good practice, which is why our facilities and farm also serve as a learning environment for the students of the Gorenje Center for School and Extracurricular Activities, as well as for the children of a nearby kindergarten and elementary school. We also accept visits from expert groups who would like to tour our farm and enjoy strong connections to domestic catering businesses that help to support the local tourism industry.

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