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Meals from grandmother Justa

Who was gradmother Justa?

Most of the original recipes for our kitchen’s renowned dishes come from our grandmother Justa’s cookbook. Justa’s mom was a housewife on Trbolak’s farm and mother of the first cook at Smogavc, Irene Smogavc. Grandmother Justa and her daughter Irene, along with the main chef at our guesthouse, Ančka, have added recipes over the years that incorporate local seasonal ingredients still commonly found in the region today.

Seasonal offering

Marinated pumpkin carpaccio, salt flower, balsamica, red pepper, parmesan

Ripe back of Pohorje beef, plum, buckwheat porridge, mustard sauce

Pumpkin cream soup

Risotto with Pohorje porcini mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, trout fillet

Chicken breast, wrapped with bacon, filled with cottage
cheese and herbs, home-made cheese dumpling, pumpkin puree

Baked veal loin, filled with bacon and cheese, baked potatoe, roasted

Pumpkin pie with pumpkin chutney and vanila ice cream


Sample the best wines of Slovenia in the heart of Pohorje

Wine cellar
  • Sauvignon Dry Zlati Grič Štajerska
  • Cabernet sauvignon Dry Blaževi Goriška Brda
  • Rdeči cuveé Dry Marof Prekmurje
  • Rose Dry Zlati Grič Štajerska
  • Sweet Sweet Wines Koper Istra
  • Yellow nutmeg Halfsweet MLAKAR Štajerska
  • Pino Dry Meum Štajerska
  • Red Dry Meum Štajerska
  • Chardonnay Dry Meum Štajerska
  • Yellow nutmeg Dry Gaube Štajerska
  • Fragrant Traminer Halfdry Pullus Štajerska
  • Konjiška sparklingwine Rose Dry Zlati Grič
  • Konjiška sparklingwine Vintage Dry Zlati Grič
  • House sparklingwine Dry Jeruzalem Ormož
  • Nutmeg sparklingwine Halfdry Jeruzalem Ormož

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“We strive to incorporate authentic Rogle culinary elements and prepare them in accordance with current trends while con- necting with local food producers to provide our guests with a diverse range of locally produced food experiences. ”