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& Experiences

Rogla-Pohorje offers many activities and experiences and we’ve curated some of the very best for you!

From a relaxing day in the mountains enjoying the bubbles of the thermal springs to experiencing nature between the centuries-old spruce trees of the Pohorje forests, there is something for everyone to experience here.



What´ll we be up to?

We gather around on the greens of Guesthouse Smogavc, where you get information on the programme of the day. You`ll get the brochure in your hands, after successfully signing in and got the electric bicycle at the reception. Therefore you`ll also download the app which will lead you through the game – chasing the  hidden treasure.

Firstly you have to ascend up a hill during which you can  take in the gorgeous view of nature and panorama. The view expands all the way along Dravinjska dolina as well as Haloze and Ptujska gora on the left. Furthermore, you can get a glimpse of the Konjiška gora and the obscure ridge of Zagreb on the right. When you’ve successfully ascended to the top of the macadam road, you can get to the lawn in front of a Pohorje’s house through the wooden fence. There you will solve your first mission, connected with folk tradition. When you read the tradition, open Komoot and start with your journey to find the treasure.

In the basket of the hidden treasure you can find some culinary delights, made in Pohorje, on the Smogavc’s farm and farms in the surrounding.

Mmmmm… now that you’ve invigorated yourselves and relaxed a bit, let’s get going again. Back on the bicycles you`ll go! When you successfully arrive back to your starting point, you`ll have to solve one more challenge and find your key for the last part of the experience. Your eventful day ends here, in the relaxing atmosphere of a more modern looking Pohorje house. It’s hand-made from logs of Pohorje’s larch trees. All of the wood used for this cottage was hand cultivated and used. For the end there also awaits you a full-body relaxation and detox.

Price contains:

  •  Informations about programme at the starting point with guide
  • Renting of e-bike (extras on request), printed brochure and aplication installation for smartphone
  • basket of goods
  • sauna in wooden cottage 2 hours

Price of the experience per person:

45,00€ (2-4 persons)

39,00€ (5-10 persons)

Experience lasts approx. 5 hours

Demand and


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Enjoy the unique offerings at the wooden cottage spa, made exclusively out of wood from the surrounding Pohorje forests. Take some time to experience the sauna with panoramic views of the Celje basin and slopes of Pohorje, the perfect way to relax and experience the region’s unique landscape.

COMING SOON – SUMMER 2019: We are currently working hard on renovations to add an addition to our spa which will include a larger selection of saunas, more resting places, and a cooling pool!

  • Lawn relaxation zones
  • Bike rentals
  • Electric bike rentals
  • Walking sticks rentals
  • Maps of hiking and cycling trails in Rogla-Pohorje destination
  • One day packages ACTIVE/ LOCAL/ RELAXED- actively on paths of local heritage

Active vacation

Start your day actively – and end it relaxed in the heart of the Pohorje forests!

Enodnevni paket


Izposoja električnega kolesa 3 ure + kosilo v gostilni Smogavc ali piknik košarica domačih dobrot + savna 2 uri

Dvo ali tri dnevni paket


Bivanje s polpenzionom (2 noči ali 3 noči), 1 vstop v savno v brunarici 2 uri, 30-minutna masaža, 3-urna izposoja električnega kolesa, izposoja palic za nordijsko hojo in zemljevida sprehajalnih poti, 30% popusta za kopanje v termah Zreče, brezplačna uporaba fitnesa na prostem, »relaxe-zone« na zelenici ob gostilni, izposoja mize in loparjev za piknkponk

Dvo ali tri dnevni paket


Bivanje s polpenzionom (2 noči ali 3 noči), 3-urna izposoja električnega kolesa, 1x adrenalinsko sankanje na Rogli, 1x hoja med krošnjami na Rogli, savna v brunarici 2 uri, 30% popusta na kopanje v termah Zreče, brezplačna uporaba fitnesa na prostem, »relaxe-zone« na zelenici ob gostilni, izposoja mize in loparjev za piknkponk



S košarico domačih dobrot se boste z majhnim zemljevidom odpravili na eno izmed izbranih čarobnih destinacij (gozdna jasa, razgledna točka ali travniška panorama). Po predhodnem dogovoru možna tudi priprava prostora in ambienta.Za rezervacijo in dodatne informacije nam pišite

Samo za vas


Pripravimo vam tudi doživljajski paket glede na vaše individualne želje. Sporočite nam jih na info@smogavc.com

Možna organizacija obiska lokalnih znamenitosti (KSEVT, Žička kartuzija, Zlati grič, dvorec Trebnik…), okoliških kmetij, vinarjev in drugih doživetij destinacije Rogla-Pohorje.


Destination Rogla-Pohorje

boasts an exceptional wealth of natural and cultural heritage. The beautiful nature, surrounded by authenticity and homeliness, is marked by friendly and hospitable people. Those who are happy to invite you among them share a part of everyday life with you and give you a part of their heart and their thoughts.

The Rogla-Pohorje region boasts an exceptional wealth of natural and cultural heritage. Beautiful nature, surrounded by authenticity, home- liness and friendly and hospitable people make this a place you won’t soon forget. Here you’ll find a community of people who are happy to invite you to share in a part of their everyday life.
The traditional connectivity of Pohorje is reflected heavily in the inte- gration of tourism providers and services of the area. The Rogla-Po- horje region combines Zreče, the area of well-being, Slovenske Kon- jice, a place embraced by noble stories, nearby Vitanje, and Oplotnica, a treasure trove of unique natural and cultural experiences.
Explore the countryside by bike or hike along marked paths. Enjoy the fresh air of the rich Pohorje forests, flowering meadows, fertile fields and ample vineyards. Nordic walking guides will help you learn the basics of walking with bars, an activity suited for all generations and levels of fitness. Pamper yourself in the warm thermal waters of our spa or sample some of our wide selection of wellness services. Relax and enjoy the natural healing climate of the region. And at the end of your day, unwind with selected culinary masterpieces and excellent wines from the surrounding hills. We can’t wait to host you.